Monday, December 20, 2010

More Pics Added to the Gallery Page Today

I have just added some new pics to the gallery page.  The graduation glass shown here is just one of the new photos added today.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Picture of Wedding Flutes Added to Gallery Page

I managed to get this photo taken just before putting the glasses in the mail today *smiles*... It shows the engraving of the foot of each glass, unfortunately it still doesn't show the detail of the roses and rings as well as I would have liked.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latest Engraving - Wedding Flutes

This is my lastest engraving... I will put up a better photo once the batteries for the camera have had time to recharge *giggles*... Polishing/smoothing techniques have been used on the rose buds and rings to give some depth to the graphics... and the date of the wedding is engraved on the foot of each flute... unfortunately this photo does not do them justice :-(

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Great Tragedy!!!

As the hearts of New Zealand go out to the families, friends, and workmates of the men lost in the Pike River Coal Mine, with a 2 minute silence at 2pm this afternoon, I extend my sympathy to all of those affected by this great tragedy.

Their memory will be etched in our history forever!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Pages Added

Check out my new gallery page (click on the "Gallery" link above), there are some photo's of my engravings on it and more will be added as time permits.  Hmmm.... I haven't been able to find out how large these pages are allowed to be, I guess I'll find out soon enough, when I run out of space *giggles*

Also, I have added a page with photos of some of my watercolour paintings, for anyone interested.  I haven't done any painting for a while now... the engraving has taken over *smiles*, click on the "My Paintings" link above to have a look.

My thoughts go out to those in Christchurch, I hear they have had some fairly strong aftershocks over the last few days.  I can only imagine how it must feel, to finally think things are starting to settle down and then out of the blue get hit with a swarm of up to 4.9's on the ricter scale, over a couple of days... it must really rattle the nerves!  My sister, myself and our young children were in the 7.4 Pasedena quake (USA) in 1987, I think it was... that was bad enough but I'm sure we didn't get the number or intensity of aftershocks Christchurch are experiencing and nor did they continue for such a extended time.  I do hope the ground stops rock'n'rolling for you all soon!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Champagne flutes for bridal tables

I was finally able to purchase some champagne flutes (yay!!!!) and have engraved some basic samples so that I have a photo to put up on TradeMe. 

These were really fun to engrave... hmmm... maybe a sign of the romantic in me *smiles*, or perhaps because I have been waiting for sooo long to get some that it was exciting when they finally arrived.
Sales have been slow this month, I expect they will pick up now that the wedding season is upon us, on this side of the world, and with the silly season (christmas) looming closer every day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing Darts Beer Handle

Here is my latest engraving.
The dart board has been engraved in reverse (left of the handle) so that it is viewed through the glass.  The hand aiming the dart has been engraved to the right of the handle using several polishing techniques to give depth and form to the image.

This is only the second piece of engraving I have attempted using the polishing technique, so it has taken quite a few hours to complete.  I am hoping that with a little more practice I will get a little quicker at completing this type of work.  I find this style of engraving much more intresting and satisfying to engrave.

I have just listed it on New Zealand's TradeMe... it will be intresting to see how it goes.

This picture frame was my first attempt at engraving using polishing to create depth in the image.

This was done for a friend who was looking for something different as a gift for her future daughter-in-law in Australia.

I really enjoyed the challenge this presented!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Starting Out

Welcome to JeanArt Glass Engraving!!  *smiles*

I will appologise in advance for any inconvenience caused to those who view this blog through it's early stages, while I am still finding my way around this format and creating my first posts.

My intention is to provide information for those who are interested in engraving glass as a hobby, share some of the trials and tribulations of developing the skill and show off some of my work.

If you have never experienced engraving on glass check out my beginners page:
Here you will find the basic tools, equipment and materials required to experience engraving on glass for yourself.

Check in regularly and watch as this blog develops.

Wishing you a fun day!!