JeansArt Engraving on Etsy
Currently available pieces can now be purchased or ordered through my little shop on Etsy.  I will ship worldwide, and can be contacted through my Etsy shop for custom orders (please consider that hand engraved custom order delivery times will vary depending on the item to be engraved, the amount of time required to design and engrave an item and how many other orders I have waiting at the time). 

Lesley Pyke
Lesley has been an inspiration and huge support to budding engravers around the globe, working tirelessly to promote the art!

Until I saw photo's of this amazing lady's work I had absolutely no idea of what could be achieved with this fascinating artform.

It was viewing Lesley's work that gave me the inspiration and her support that gave me the courage to push forward from a few humble scratches on that first jam jar.

View Lesley's outstanding work here: 

Glass Engravers Forum
Some lovely people on here who are happy to help new engravers.