All of the glassware on this page has been sand-carved, or a combination of sand-carving and hand engraving has been used to provide varying shades.

Single-stage sand-carved
Single-stage sand-carved, with the bars across the key having been carved deeper to add interest.

Sand-carved in two stages

Multi-stage sand-carved with drill polishing to some areas.

 Multi-stage sand-carved

Single-stage sand-carved

Single-stage sand-carved

Small crystal perfume bottle.  Butterflies have been sand-carved in 2 stages to give a darker shade to the filled in areas.

Latest stock item:  Crystal Perfume Bottles, Personalised and Gift Boxed

Basic standard designs are now available on these Elegance champagne flutes.

Standard wedding glass designs, single stage sandcarving.

Standard JeansArt 21st design

The beer mug graphic has simple stage carving and the froth on the top has been hand polished to provide a different shade in the engraving.

 The straps on the jandals have been stage carved and then hand polished to provide a different shade and texture.

Simple single stage sandcarving.

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