My Engraving Journey

My interest in anything artistic started at a very young age, but it was only in recent years, when I found myself with time on my hands, that I really started exploring that side of my personality and looking for a medium that suited me, I have had a play with watercolour, oil and acrylic painting all with some success, but the first time I put some simple marks on glass with a diamond burr I was hooked!!  This is how it all began:

My fascination with engraving on glass started when I purchased a small cordless rotary tool to do some small job around the house (having become something of a dab hand at DIY), I don't even remember what that job was now, but the tool came with a variety of burs and abrasives for a variety of jobs and the enclosed instruction manual listed glass as one of the materials that the diamond burrs could be used on... this got me intrigued, so I pulled an old jam jar out of the cupboard and had a play.

That started my fascination with engraving on glass.

A search on the Internet turned up a few web sites with some basic ideas on engraving and one or two that gave a little more information and basic lessons, from these I soon realised that a flexible shaft would make a huge difference to the quality of engraving I was able to produce... I promptly went out and purchased a new rotary tool that came with a flexible shaft, found some old glass shelving in the shed and had it cut into squares to make coasters which I then engraved with some basic clipart images.

My engraving is constantly developing and I now sell some of my work through the TradeMe auction site, here in New Zealand. 

With this blog I intend to share my journey, images of my work and the "tips" I pick up (or find out the hard way), in an effort to encourage anyone who finds this art form intriguing and might like to experience it for themselves.

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