Wednesday, July 29, 2015

JeansArt Engraving on Etsy

Currently available pieces can now be purchased or ordered through my little shop on Etsy. 

I will ship worldwide, and can be contacted through my Etsy shop for custom orders (please consider that hand engraved custom order delivery times will vary depending on the item to be engraved, the amount of time required to design and engrave an item and how many other orders I have waiting at the time). 

Some of the items currently available for purchase or order:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cameo style engraving on glass

OK, so I felt like trying out something a little different... cameo style engraving on glass.

This small oil/vinegar bottle first had the hibiscus graphic masked off, then was sandblasted quite deeply (about 1.5-2mm) to leave the hibiscus standing above the background.  The hibiscus was then drill engraved (using a range of burs, no diamonds though) and finally polished. 

Many hours of work, and a most enjoyable challenge!

White these techniques would be best used on colour overlay crystal this has worked well as a practice piece.

This photo has also been added to the Gallery Page