Just a few examples of the drill engraving I have done to date (all of the engraving featured on this page has been engraved using a handheld drill and a variety of diamond, stone and rubber abrasives, (examples of JeansArt sand-carved glass can be viewed on our Sandcarved page).

Latest Pieces: 
"Boar" has been drill engraved on a Benidorm beer mug

Kowhai on Rona Largo Champagne Flute

Kowhai on small crystal perfume bottle

Honey Bee on small crystal perfume bottle

Drill and hand engraved on 500ml Munich Beer Mug

Small sculpture piece completed August 2015

Small oil/vinegar bottle the background has been deeply sand-carved and the hibiscus has been drill engraved and polished (engraved in relief).

Small Crystal Perfume Bottle: Drill and hand engraved.

Pukeko on Guraller Art Craft Red Wine Glass

Stag Head on 500ml Munich Beer Mug:
Drill (hand held) and hand engraved

Possum on 450ml Benidorm Beer Handle:
Drill (hand held) and hand engraved

Stockman on 500ml Munich Beer Mug
Drill (hand held) and hand engraved.

Rona Largo Champagne Flutes for a wedding.
Rose buds and leaves have been drill and hand engraved,
the lettering (including the date on the foot of each glass) has been sand-carved.

Aircraft on 500ml Munich Beer Mug.  Lettering and key has been sand-carved, aircraft has been drill and hand engraved.

Drill and hand engraved on Riserva crystal champagne flute.
Drill and hand engraved on a Libbey Banquet Goblet

Crystal perfume bottle:  Lettering has sand-carved flowers drill and hand engraved
Name has been sand-carved, rose has been drill engraved.

Lovely little crystal perfume bottle drill and hand engraved with a rose and a kiss (the pair of lips)

Rona Largo Champagne Flute
Drill and Hand Engraved

Rona Largo Champagne Flute
Drill and Hand Engraved

Libbey Banquet Goblet:
Hand and Drill engraved, Sand-carved lettering

Custom Design
Acrylic Cake Topper
Hand and Drill Engraved, Sand-carved Lettering

Drill and Hand Engraved

Drill and Hand Engraved
Drill and Hand Engraved

Lettering: sandcarved
Fishing Rod: Drill and Hand Engraved
 Drill and hand engraved.

Drill and Hand Engraved



 Inspired by an historic NZR hat badge, drill engraved using shading techniques
for a very dear friend who is an NZ Rail enthusiast.

Something special for a special Nanna:

Lead Free Crystal Champagne Flute (shaded engraving):

Crystal Paperweight (80 x 80 x 35mm)

Latest Gift Ideas from JeansArt:
Personalised Crystal LED Key Rings:

 Personalised Crystal Perfume Bottle Necklaces:

Crystal perfume bottle necklaces engraved with an initial:

Celebrating Waihi

Waihi Key Chains are now available from the Waihi Visitors/Information Centre at the top of town across the road from our replica Poppet Head.
Drill engraved with Waihi, NZ on the front and the Poppet Head on the back (engraved using shading techniques to give the appearance of depth in the engraving).

Some special gifts for Christmas:


Cake toppers

 These have been crafted out of 3mm clear acrylic and drill engraved.

Custom design for a young lady who is right into Kombie Vans. Her date of birth was used for the van's number plate, and "21" in place of the usual VW emblem.  This was really fun both to design and to engrave!!

Thoughts for Christchurch

For a city devastated by 22.02.11 earthquake

Engraved for Dads and Grandads

Mother's Day wine glasses

21st Glassware


Wedding Glassware

 Lead Free Crystal Champagne Flutes
Wedding date engraved on the foot of each glass

Photo 2 shows the date engraved on the foot of the glasses

Anniversary Glassware



 Unfortunately this photo does not show the texture of the "K" well, it has been engraved with a linen look and outlined with a heavy solid line, giving an interesting effect.

The front and back of the same beer handle.

Darts Beer Handle


  1. is your text all done freehand Jean ? its very neat,lovely work x suzi g

  2. Hi Suzi, thank you for your kind comment!!! I use a printed guide placed behind the glass, then hand trace the lettering on the glass and then use a hand held drill to engrave the lettering... it's a bit of a process, but I found it the most accurate way to do hand lettering (for me anyways *smiles*). Cheers!!

  3. Jim Ross sent me here to see your work. He was bragging to me about it. I can see why. Wonderful work. Detailed and exquisite. Jill Gaebel (ajillart....zazzle)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi there Lisa, the best way to contact me to place an order is to go to my JeansArt Glass Engraving facebook page (there is a link to the page on the top right hand corner of this page) and leave me a message, my reply may go into your "others" messages folder, so do watch for it there :-) Cheers!! Jean

  5. I notice you say they are drilled and hand engraved. What's the difference sorry I am new to engraving and would love to be able to do what you do.

    1. Hi there Dominic, thank you for your kind comment!! As I understand it hand engraving means using the burs either in a holder, or without a holder, directly in the hand (no drill is used), drill engraving, of course, uses the aid of an electric drill (often people will say "hand engraved" when it would be more correct to say "drill engraved"... I will often pick up a bur and use it directly in my hand when trying to get a gentle transition in shades. Hoping that answers your question :-) Cheers!!

  6. I'm so happy to have come across Your site.I have just started working with glass.and liked how its turning out.but was really wanting to get some ideas of how to do some fine shading.and here you are truly amazing.thank you so much for sharing your art and knowledge.I love art what a great feeling we get doing it.looking at your work puts a big smile on my face.I will not stop trying to get to the level you are at.but even if I don't quite make it.I know I will enjoy the ride.thanks

    1. Thank you for your very kind comments Richard... I love to engrave glass... I am still learning and hope to continue to do so for the rest of my engraving days :-) Have fun with your engraving and always remain open to trying different burs and techniques!! :-)

  7. Jean I enjoy looking a your work. Do you know of a USA supplier for the rubber bullets to fit a Dremel used for shading on hard glass? thank you

    1. Hi there, thank you for your kind comment :-) You can find a good selection of rubber abrasives at: Look in the "Polishing and Finishing" section. and Eternal Tools ship worldwide too. Or you could google jewelers suppliers :-)