Friday, August 28, 2015


This little piece will be exhibited in the "Shoebox Sculpture" section of this years Franklin Arts Festival  at the Pukehohe Town Hall from Saturday 29th August to Sunday 6th September.

While not strictly an engraving project, it has an element of engraving with the lighthouse itself (including windows and a door) being engraved after being carved to shape. Also the seagulls and waves (around the outside of the cover, which was the bowl of a crystal port glass) are engraved. The rocks around the lighthouse have been cut out of optical crystal blocks and the whales fluke has been carved out of black opaque glass. The silver trims are all crafted (by me) from sterling silver.

Sorry about the reflections... this wasn't so easy to photograph lol

Measures approx 9cm x 9cm

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